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Twinning the chic way

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Walking in mummy’s footsteps

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if your mini me loves your style then you probably know all about the ‘twinning’ trend. #twinning has over 4.9m instagram posts and many of those are filled with mums with their mini fashionistas.

Wearing the same clothes as your kids can either be seen as cute or corny- I think if done in a stylish way it can look cute and chic. Obviously there are certain fashion faux pas that do not extend to the twinning trend- first one that comes to mind is heels. Personally, I think the only heels little girls should indulge in are fancy dress shoes worn at home.

Family twinning @mayyabor

My  daughter is already aware of what she likes to wear and that doesn’t always reflect what I would like her to wear so I embrace having similar items in our wardrobe.  Twinning does not have to involve an exact match and wearing a similar style or colour is just as stylish. Our gold converse are very similar but mine have a weaved pattern and C has  a plain leather pair. Similarly our Zara Vita Kin inspired dresses are different shades of blue but same style.

If you’re new to twinning check out Zara, they tend to have similar kids and women styles if not an exact match. C and I love our Zara black aviator jackets which can be dressed up or down. If your little one are babies and you fancy  twinning, check out UK based Didi and Bud ( for the coolest PJ’s and leggings.

Didi + Bud

@Meglilicol shows that it isn’t just mothers and daughters embracing the twinning trend- the  stylish shots of her and her adorable son are great. If only I shared a similar love of huaraches and sports wear as my 10 year old son I would happily twin with him. Although taking style tips from @Meglilicol, I am sure I could find  a slogan t-shirt we both love.

Check out these chic twinning mammas for more inspiration:










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