New Year, New Start

So Christmas has come and gone and here we are in January probably feeling a few pounds heavier and with a much lighter bank account. If only it was the  otherway around and January gave us slim toned abs and an unexpected extra cash! Despite the extra food ( consumed and bought), present buying, kids off for almost 3 weeks- I still love Christmas. What’s not to love about losing all sense of my days, relaxing at home in my PJs, Christmas films, board games and family time?

Nothing apart from having to fit back into my pre Christmas routine in January! The nutribullet was neglected for a few weeks, ok most of December! Well, there was hardly a choice between a  green juice or another Celebrations chocolate?  Yesterday I had my first green juice of 2018 and feel like I’m getting back on track. I refuse to give anything up for 2018 instead I’ll be adding things to my life. So this year there will be no ‘giving up chocolate, sugar, alcohol’  I’ll be making the concious decision to eat more spinach or green veg everday and generally be more healthy.

I will also continue with drinking lots of water and adding fruits to make my H20 more interesting! I refuse to feel like I have failed myself because I ate a couple of Marks and Spencer milk bottle sweets. Life really is too short for that kind of self sabatage and those little white sweets are just too yummy! So my daily morning routine of warm lemon water with cinanmon  (sometimes honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar) will continue in 2018.

Run with the kids

Yesterday the cold but sunny weather certainly had a positive effect on me as I went for a run with the kids. I’m not a big runner, in fact I’ve only been a handful of times. However, I love to push myself and it was a great incentive being with my children. I’m always telling them to try their hardest and not to quit so I had no choice but to push myself that little bit further.

As well as trying to improve my health and fitness levels , I want to continue feeling poistive in 2018. I am a great believer that positive people attract positive people and experiences into their lives. Another practice I will be continuing in 2018 is my gratitude journal, everyday I write ten things in my life I am tahnkful for. It’s  a great exercise to begin my day and  I am reminded that I have so many things to be grateful for.  I prefer to do my list in the mornings but anytime is better than not writing it at all. I manage to write ten things daily but if you can only manage five  three then that’s fine too.

Whatever your goals for 2018, I hope you achieve them!




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  1. Acheived about 10% of that minus the apple cider and any thing healthy plus add all the chocolate and fatty foods ……………oh no just realised I’m a slob thanks for the reminder

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