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Mini Sparkle

These sequin boots are everything!! It’s just a shame they’re not in my  size. One of the best things about my daughter’s new sequin desert boots is that a quick flick transforms these from silver to gold she gets two colours in one. Result! Perfect for when my 7 ( going on 17) daughter decides silver is not the colour du jour and I just want to get out out the house! Probably even better than this is the price- a whopping £19 from £65!! How I love a bargain and even more so when an item is in the right size and colour.

There was a time when sale shopping would involve me falling in love with the price first and convincing myself that I would grow to love the style or colour. After countless trips to donate the unworn clothes to a charity shop or giving the items away, I am now a much more discerned sale shopper. If I did not want it pre sale, then it’s almost guaranteed I will not want it on the sale rail.

However, the Kurt Geiger children’s shop is great because there are some real bargains to be found. Firstly, the shop is not laid out like a usual sale shop and everything is neat and size ordered.

Mini Kurt Geiger are great for your little ones to sparkle and shine.

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