Clear space, clear mind


Ok I have a confession.

Call me strange BUT I love to clean. Yes, I actually enjoy cleaning. I find cleaning and organising my space very relaxing. When I manage to have some free time I love nothing better than tidying up so that my space is somewhere I love to be. With the help of Alexa ( check my Friday favourites post)I even get to choose the soundtrack while I do a spot of cleaning.

Now we’re firmly in Spring, a time of new beginnings and there’s no better time to reorganise your home.

Head to Hennes for some great storage ideas for the whole family in contempary colours and designs. With such great prices there’s no excuse to keep your home clutter free.

Not only does an organised home look good but I always feel better when things are where they’re meant to be. Walking into an untidy room is not great for my creativity or my state of mind. Sitting down to write at a clear desk means I can concentrate on what I’m meant to be doing instead of thinking about tidying up.

So do I spend hours tidying up? Hell no!! I haven’t got  time for that but by following a few simple things I can ensure that my space is clutter free:

  1. Put things back after I’ve used it- seem simple right? It is but be consistent.
  2. A place for everything and everything in its place- self explanatory
  3. Get  inspiration from instagram and Pintrest

As much as I love a clutter free home, I still want a lived in home which reflects my style and family life. Obviously I cannot throw away all those random pieces of lego I find or the dolls clothes which seem to make it into our bedroom…. however some cute storage boxes from Hennes or Zara have been the best solution.

Hope you’ve found that helpful so you can continue into 2017 and beyond with a clutter free home and a clear mind














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