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S.A.S Salutes: Irene Johnson

Meet the women juggling business, babies (big and small) and all the other things in between

As it’s almost Christmas (yes really!!) I thought it’s a great time of year  to share some festive tips and  chit chat. S.A.S salutes is the perfect platform for me to chat with other women and find out what makes them tick. With a background in journalism, I love nothing more than chatting to people. Some might call it being nosy but I say my interest in other people is an occupational hazard and the plus side is the interesting and inspiring info I have learnt. Whether it’s tips on skincare, hair, style or staying positive- I love my interactions with others!

So grab your tea or glass of something stronger ( it is the festive season after all!) and enjoy the read. I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have someone in mind that you would like to featured, then please get in touch.

INTRODUCING…….. Irene Johnson who reveals her love for Christmas in the Big Apple.

The lovely Irene Johnson aka thelondonmom  has moved stateside from London with her husband and three gorgeous children. I love scrolling through Irene’s instagram feed (@thelondonmom) which captures her living her best life in my favourite city New York.


Irene, what is your ideal Christmas?

My idea Christmas would be having every one of the extended families on each side around on Christmas Day. We may need extra chairs and tables but it would be so much fun.
Do you prefer Christmas in London or New York?
I love London, it’s home but Christmas in New York is more special. Maybe it is because of all the great Christmas movies like Home Alone set in New York City or that anything America is always a little more grand, whatever it is, I prefer Christmas in New York.  
What is your perfect Christmas outfit?
A little red velvet dress
If you could have three Christmas wishes what would they be?
Good health and prosperity for my family and friends and a Chanel handbag.
Do you and the children have any Christmas traditions?
Yes. Every year we have some few Christmas traditions. We go ice skating, we go to the theater and we go see circus show. We have started some new traditions this year, we watch Christmas movies every night and instead of the Christmas Eve box, we open the presents on December 1st and start wearing our Christmas PJs onwards.
What is your favourite Christmas song?
I wish it could be Christmas everyday By Roy Wood
What tips do you have to keep sane at Christmas?
Remember the reason for the season. A beautiful gift was given to us to take away our worries so there’s actually no need to. It’s a season to be merry. Have fun. Do what you can and don’t measure your Christmas tree with your neighbours!
What is your favourite Christmas movie?
All the Home Alone movies
Last minute shopper or organised Christmas shopper?
Somewhat in between
What are you goals for 2019?
To be honest I haven’t given it much thought but I think it be to believe in me (Irene) a little bit more and love her a little more. Often times we are busy being moms, wives, daughters, sisters and neighbours and we forget ourselves.
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