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Kids Book Review: Riley Knows He Can


Following on from the success of  her 2017 debut novel Riley Knows He Can  Davina Hamilton’s new book is just as engaging and  inspiring with an equally positive message.


The reader joins Riley on a journey of self discovery as he faces his fears of performing in front of an audience.  The story of Riley feeling apprehensive about his part in the school play is something most children can relate to.  With the help of big sister Ella, Riley manages to overcome his nerves and he’s a success. Ella’s encouraging words ‘I can do this, I can!’ feature throughout the book and help Riley conquer his fears.


Little Riley’s confident pose on the front is refreshing and it’s great to see a positive image that other black children can identify with. The empowering title is a universal message for all children (and adults)- anything can be achieved with a positive attitude.

The rhyming narrative combined with the lovely illustrations make this the perfect book for any childen’s book collection. As much as I loved Topsy and Turvy none  of thecharacters looked like me, I love the increasing variety and diversity of children’s books on offer these days. It’s great that children have an increasing selection of books that reflect the multicultual society we live in. It was a very different story (excuse the pun!)  when I was growing up in the 1980s.

Riley Knows He Can– available April 24





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