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Primark does Valentino



Primark’s £3 ‘Valentino’ bow flip flops!!

As much as I’d love to spend half the year (Ok all year) in the sun, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Firstly, I haven’t grown tired of London, it’s my home city and secondly the thought of packing everything up with our two kids does scare me a bit. Well, a lot. I’m up for an adventure and love to travel but I’m not at that place where I am happy to leave friends and family behind and start again. But never say never…

So getting through the cold, dark, wet (and recently snowy) days isnt’t always easy but apart from my faux fur keeping my snug, it’s the thought of blue skies, turquoise sea and a cocktail in my hand that keeps me going.

Buying summer clothes for my beach holiday ( because let’s face it London summer can be anything form 1 day, 1 week or a month) eases the pain of cold rainy days. Browsing at rails of bikinis, Morrocan inspired kaftans and jewelled sandals gives me a lot of pleasure. For a few seconds I can almost feel the warmth of the sun as I check out beach wear and summer dresses.

My first 2018 summer purchase was actually made a few weeks ago, the pair of dark-grey-almost-black studded flip flops caught my eyes immediately. Obviously it would have been a sin to pass up the £3 price tag. Yes I said £3. I’ll repeat while you process this- studded bow flip flop sandals for £3!!!! The shoe Gods were definately looking down on me as there was actually a pair in my size.

It was only a little while later that I realised that my Primark flip flops were actually a damn good dupe for the Valentino Rockstud PVC flip flops without the £220 price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a bit of designer. I still have my first pair of Gucci heels which I bought in Selfridges when I was 20. Even though the heels have seen better days, I still love them and it was the first high end self funded purchase to myself. Those shoes remind me of my strong work ethic and always going after what I want.

I have since returned to Primark on a few occassions, hoping to buy the peach version of my Valentino dupes, but they are always sold out in my size. Learn from my mistakes- if you see a magazine featured item or designer dupe in Primarni you need to snap it up. Don’t second guess and be self righteous about frivolous spending on throw away fashion because someone else has most likely bought a few of the same thing and you will have to pay ten times the price on ebay.


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