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Happy Skin, Happy Me

When it comes to skincare I like to keep it simple but make sure it’s effective. Since discovering Suneeta Cosmetics (, my inner product junkie has not been tempted ( well not much!) to keep looking for  the holy grail of skin products. The Golden Tumeric Cream is a favourite of mine and it’s great that I can use it both day and night! I don’t often recommend skin care products as everyone’s skin requirememnts are unique BUT I am making an exception because I just love this product.


Promising to ‘heal & smooth’, the Golden Tumeric Cream certainly delivers and gives my skin a lovely glow and people often ask what I use on my skin. When I first mention turmeric  I am sometimes met with a funny look because the spice is probably best known as a great compliment to curries. If you’re  a fan of Youtube beauty tutorials and in particular beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai you may be familiar with tumeric face masks which are great but a little messy- neon yellow face on anyone is never a good look! However the cream gives you all the skin benefits of tumeric without the scary face and fear of stained hands or clothes!

Luckily I live near to Portobello market so I can easily stock up when I’m running low but if you live elsewhere you can now order online ( If you’re in East London, Suneeta Cosmetics are also available at Brick Lane Market. Their sample products ranging from £1-£2 are a great way to see what you (and your skin) love! I have recently discovered the Pink Grapefruit & Geranium Himalayan Sea Salt Face & Body Scrub and it rivals many of the more expensive scrubs I have used.

Pink Grapefruit Himalayan salt scrub

Not only do the products all contain 100% natural products but the great range of products, excellent customer service and competitive prices are very appealing.  Yes, you might be in love with your current skincare regime but with the Golden Tumeric skin cream starting from £8, it will be the best £8 you have spent in a  long while.

If you’re still not sold on trying Suneeta Cosmetics (why not????) then I suggest you head over to their instagram page (@suneetacosmetics)- apart from the many positive customer posts,  the lovely owners Suneeta and her husband Shyam have AMAZING skin and certainly proof that the products work!

PS. I have not been paid to promote Suneeta Cosmetics and just want to share a great natural product that works! xx

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