Monday Motivation

Let’s face it Mondays get a bad rep, it lacks the excitement of the weekend or the mid week satisfaction that Wednesday gives me. Yet again the weekend has whizzed  by in a flurry of gymnastics lessons, football matches and a birthday party which leaves me wishing (again!) there was one extra day in the weekend! I know I’m not the only person who would love to have a four day weekend and a three day week! Just an extra day to prepare for a week of school runs, after school clubs and generally just getting my sh*t together for the next week. Let me just think about that for a second, a four day weekend……Bliss!!

The Happiness Planner


Ok, back to reality and this dull Monday morning, I’ve decided to look at things more positively.  Instead of seeing Monday as the end of the weekend, I’ve decided to look at it as the beginning of a positive week ahead. Armed with my diary, to do list and of course my Happiness Planner I’m looking foward to a productive and positive week! Wishing you the same and if you’re still dreading Mondays, there’s a four day weekend next week!!!




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