About SAS

Welcome to Scooters and Sequins and thanks for stopping by.

I’m a London College of Fashion graduate and former magazine journalist, Scooters and Sequins is the perfect creative outlet for me to share my love of style, kids info and connect with other mums doing their thing in this minefield called motherhood.

London born and bred with two (mostly) wonderful and (sometimes) bickering children who constantly make me laugh and keep me busy. When I’m not watching my daughter perform yet another cartwheel or listening to my son explain what a nutmeg is (apparently not just a spice but also a football term- who knew??!), I love to find  some ‘me’ time whether it’s 15 minutes quiet time browsing Pintrest or catching up with friends. Being a  working mum means life is busy but certainly never boring!

Since becoming a mum 9 years ago, life isn’t the same but I seriously wouldn’t change a thing. One thing that has dominated my life as a mum is scooters or rather the presence of them in my hallway, on the pavements and parks!! As my husband has often said ‘the Micro scooter inventor must be raking it in’ because the scooters are everywhere!

Despite having my children, I have still maintained my love of fashion and style. When I can I love to take a trip to nearby Portobello Market for the shopping, food and people watching. Having recently organised my wardrobe, I realised I have a serious thing for sequins but I promise it’s tasteful not tacky!

So, it seemed only natural to call my blog Scooters and Sequins. Hope you enjoy what you see and please leave your comments.